Business Services – The Essentials

This Podcast is Hosted by the Owner of CCS Security Pros, Inc. D.B.A. CCS-Security Pros. CCS Security Pros, Inc. is both an AT&T Commercial Dealer (nationwide) and Agent for Wholesale Payments. Within this particular Podcast, we will highlight additional types of business services for entrepreneurs and the small business owners (public and private) establishments.

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The LIVE Broadcast will not air until December 28, 2020. Topic of discussion: Prospecting for upcoming “Personal Protective Services Agents”. Prospects are encouraged to attend and learn more as our services grow nationwide.

Cash Discount video is just over one minute long. Call me at 612-547-9317 to get your business establishment started today.

ownership payment plan-below

You have the option of committing to the total but making payments as low as $100 per month, including an honor system that will allow multiple payments (if you choose) until the total equity package has been reached or $2500.

You will only pay a total of $100 today and a remaining payments of 24 payments (24-months). You will be considered a partial owner until the total payment is received of $2500. Once the total payment of $2500 is received, a certificate will be sent and will read “Owner” vs “Partial Owner” afterward.

The New Virtual Learning – Essentials of Remembering the 5-PPPPP’s

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