Owner’s Summary

Hello, my name is Walter J. McCreary Jr., owner of CCS Security Pros, Inc D.B.A. CCS Security Pros, Inc.. I have been an entrepreneur and innovator for the past 32+ years, business consultant, inventor, ex-insurance agent, inventor and business owner of several other businesses. CCS Security Pros, Inc. is also your local AT&T Commercial Dealer for both private and public establishments. Visit https://calendly.com/wdybs2 to book online (nationwide only).

CCS Security Pros, Inc. is the last of seven companies I created. Although it was the last of seven companies I created, it has always been on the agenda to launch eventually. So, as the name reads; CCS Security Pros, Inc. focus is Business Management, Business Consulting and Business Services.

As a lifer when it comes to being an entrepreneur and innovator, I created a 12-week entrepreneurial virtual course 12-Week Entrepreneurial Course | Entrepreneurial Guru (teachable.com) as well as a 24-week advance entrepreneurial virtual course. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as creating a work-from-home environment opportunity for those who are not use to working virtually. The training and curriculum is never pre-written but only given during the date and time given with an email confirmation.

Our Latest Proposal:

Enroll in our course from CCS Entrepreneurial Guru (teachable.com) Security Pros Inc., D.B.A. CCS-Security Pros. “Protecting the Integrity of Entrepreneurs and the Small Business Owners”.

The Proposal: Employee Ownership Payment-Plan. What is our Employee Ownership Payment-Plan? This is what we call a Win-Win situation for both CCS Security Pros Inc and those of you who decide to participate.

You will be charged $2500 toward every corporate block. Each block would consist of 2500 blocks/shares within CCS Security Pros Inc.

To help us grow together by taking advantage of this Win-Win opportunity in CCS Security Pros, Inc. D.B.A. CCS-Security Pros visit https://ccs-prosinc.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=2660601