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CCS Security Pros Inc is now officially your AT&T Commercial Dealer. Now promoting DIRECTV For Business. Call 612-547-9317 to get started today. Can’t wait; Book Online at for direct appointments.

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Note: I have decided to focus on my businesses at hand, i.e., CCS Security Pros, Inc., AT&T Commercial Dealer, CSP Partner for Microsoft and Representative of Wholesale Payments (nationwide only), except Microsoft products.

Some topics of discussion is why I chose to become an insurance agent. Others will be along the lines of the life of an entrepreneur and why it has been so exciting since day one or 32+ years ago. Yes, I am giving away such a big clue as to how old I am. I am looking forward to meeting each of you as I go live using Google’s meet platform that’s located with your Google accounts, and/or Microsoft teams to conduct meetings, i.e.,

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This is a FREE opportunity to JOIN & SAVE on your monthly utility bill by becoming apart of a “Solar Farm”. It doesn’t matter if you have a house or not, however, you must have the local utility bill in your name in order to receive the mandated credit, once applied. Visit the following link in order to complete the two to three minute process, and once there, look toward the bottom and you will see; CHECK AVAILABILITY now click there to start. If you would like to complete the quick process while over the phone, please call me at +1-612-547-9317 and I will do my best to assist you with completing this process.