Employee Ownership Plan

CCS SECURITY PROS, INC. D.B.A. CCS Security Pros. Our focus is business management, business consulting and services.

In addition, we have a 12-week entrepreneurial course and a 24-week entrepreneurial course to help those of you who are not use to working from home commonly.

CCS SECURITY PROS, INC. is now offering this huge opportunity that will not only benefit CCS Security Pros as well as current and our future Employees as part Owners of the corporation. Below we will explain in details the benefits our “Employee Ownership Payment-Plan.”

As the owner of CCS SECURITY PROS, INC. D.B.A. CCS Security Pros, I am authorizing 250,000 Shares to a total of 100 current and future Employee Ownership Plan. That equals to 2,500 Shares for $5.00 per Share. As the company grow the value of your Shares grow.

Note: CCS Security Pros, Inc. will be making available “PREFERENCE SHARES” during the first or second week of January 2021. Please keep an eye out for the official posting including a downloadable copy for your reading pleasure. Courtesy of Rock Lawyer.

If you find this opportunity beneficial, please fill out a request of interest below. Once received, you will be forwarded an invoice in order to complete your employee ownership payment plan.